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The following products are considered helpful within the TSW community to help manage the skin related symptoms associated with their condition.
It is important to understand that these products will not cure topical steroid withdrawal, but can assist in managing skin-related symptoms, provide skin protection from scratching, and may alleviate discomfort. 

CJay Serum by Skin Solace

CJay Serum is a topical serum that is used in combination with Cold Atmospheric Plasma therapy provided by Skin Solace. It is also used separately within the TSW community.

Important: Please read our review of CJay Serum here before purchasing.

Discount code provided by Skin Solace: TSWA5


cjay serum

Balmonds Products

Balmonds natural skincare products are trending within the TSW community. Their moisturisers and balms are helpful for eczematous, highly sensitive skin.

Important: Please read our review of Balmonds here before purchasing

Discount code provided by Balmonds: TSWASSIST20

balmonds skin salvation

100% Organic Cotton Closed Scratch Mittens
– for Kids 

These tops with attached scratch mittens will prevent scratching and protect the skin from additional irritation. Kids can wear them day or night. Flat seams and rip off tags allow for greater comfort than traditional mitten tops. The organic cotton material is a soft, medium weight that is suitable for all climates.

tsw mittens-kids

100% Organic Cotton Closed Scratch Mittens
– for Adults

This top with cotton mittens for adults helps prevent further irritation and damage caused by scratching. Made with mid-weight 100% organic cotton that also provides a double layer of protection around the wrist, it’s the perfect top with cotton mittens for adults with eczema and skin conditions. Can be worn during the day or as a dry layer when wet wrapping overnight.


Remedywear™ (TENCEL + Zinc) ADULT Fingerless Gloves

Especially designed for eczema on palms and wrists with a stretchy fit that extends just past the wrists.

When sensitive, broken skin is left open and unprotected, it can be further irritated or become infected. Cover up up with these half gloves made for full finger access.

These gloves are made with soft, breathable fabric that fits like a second skin and provides soothing relief.

remedywear zinc gloves

Advertisement disclosure:

For full transparency, TSW Assist may receive a benefit for sharing this content, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Many brands have approached us to promote their products but we will not promote any brands or products that do not align with our core mission and values that support the global TSW community. We will only share products that we believe are helpful for the TSW community. We will also firmly state that these products are not a quick cure for topical steroid withdrawal. Currently there is no medical cure but there are ways to manage the skin-related symptoms and improve comfort.

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