Therapies used for the symptomatic management of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

People experiencing the withdrawal symptoms from the discontinuation of topical steroids are using different therapies to improve their condition.

TSW Assist is in the process of gathering insights from sufferers of topical steroid withdrawal, and their carers. Our survey will aggregate insights for the anecdotal methods for managing the different symptoms and stages of topical steroid withdrawal. 

Currently there is no medical cure for topical steroid withdrawal, but within the global TSW community there are methods, products, and therapies that help provide symptomatic relief during the withdrawal period.

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If you are experiencing the symptoms of topical steroid withdrawal or are a carer, please contribute to the community survey. The success of these insights can only succeed with your participation.
If you are a healthcare professional who supports patients experiencing topical steroid withdrawal, please get in touch. Sufferers and carers are seeking your support.

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